Wedding Traditions in Kyrgyzstan

Despite the fact that the Kyrgyz people are living in a comparatively small region, they have a lots of wedding customs. The rites are a combo of religion and lifestyle. These practices have improved throughout hundreds of years and include factors from both equally Kyrgyz culture and neighboring Uzbekistan.

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The otko kirgizuu is an old tradition kyrgyzstan women which involves appealing the bride’s family into a party. This kind of tradition is supposed to be good luck meant for the couple. This party is held in the bride’s family’s house and involves a large banquet. It is also a fantastic opportunity to produce a good impression on the relatives.

The bride’s family might prepare a treat for her, which is sometimes called a “sep”. This is usually a dowry, which includes a handful of items including clothes, beds, and pillows. It may also include a horse or possibly a cow. How much a dowry varies from location to location, but can be as high as $4000.

The bride’s father and mother need to approve wedding before the wedding party may take place. Sometimes, the parents is not going to agree on the partnership, which can cause a whole lot of difficulties. However , if they do agree, it can an exciting moment for the couple.

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The wedding is considered to be a o moment inside the Kyrgyz traditions. However , it is usually not uncommon to get the wedding couple to be mature than their father and mother. Usually, the fogeys within the groom happen to be older than the bride’s parents.

Some folk believe that defeating the couple with goat lungs is an excellent way to push away evil spirits. Yet , this practice has been mainly banned.

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